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Underling Skeleton Mage Skill

I’ve been stacking up all the skeleton warriors I am able to and saw that Underling would allow the mages to sacrafice my warriors, which I thought would be ace, when combined with immortal, however the skill triggers way to often.

I get the impression that it fires almost 100% of the time. I would have expected that this would have been a lowish (10% chance) for the spell to be cast.

Instead I am unable to keep up with the requirement to spawn new warriors due to the mana cost and just the speed at which I need to mash the buttons because my mages instantly blow up my front line at the first oppertunity.

For the skill to be workable, I think that it needs to be a lowish %age chance of sacrifice triggering. That way you don’t spend all your time trying to frantically respawn warriors/rouges

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Actually the skill is perfect as it is in my opinion. You must set up your skeleton tree in a specific way (multiple skeleton summons with each cast, warrior skeleton only, max mana efficiency, 15 mana gained when a skeleton dies) and it makes probably the best dps you can get in the game. But it’s very button mash intensive. I plan to make a build guide for that once I’ve refined it better.

You want empty the grave more skellies per cast, Unbound necromancy cost reduction, mind catcher mana restored on skellies death. Can max these for just 8 points. This pretty much makes skellies free. Other than this I guess get the extra skellies nodes and then spend the last 5 points where ever you wish.

Immortal is more for those who are going tanky skellies not skellies as sacrifice bombs.

Gonna have to strongly disagree with you about the dps part:P

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