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Unable to Ascend into Lich (0.7.4)

Hello all, I just started playing a few days ago. Really enjoying the experience so far, but I got 25 points into Lich after the 0.7.4 patch hit earlier today, and now I can’t seem to put any more points into the Lich passive tree north of the Ascend “cutoff” point. In other words I am unable to put points into any of the passives that are covered up by the ascendancy information panel, even though I have the requisite levels.

On a possibly related note, my Lich also never got access to the Reaper Form skill, even though today’s update was supposed to unlock it for anybody in the mastery.

I’ve relogged several times, the bug seems to persist. <–Screenshots of my passive tree

Clicking “Three Plagues” in the 2nd screen shot doesn’t appear to do anything.

I hope this works out all correctly, I don’t Forum or Imgur ever XD

This is intended; you now select a Mastery Class by completing a quest in the End of Time, which starts after you talk to Gaspar. Because you started this character before 0.7.4 came out, you were likely past the point in the story where it’s normally given out, so you should go talk to him again.

Your character isn’t considered a Lich because you haven’t ascended yet, which is why you don’t have Reaper Form. If you look at your character sheet ( C ), it should say “Acolyte”.

Huh. I could’ve sworn I’d tried that before, even though he didn’t have a lit up “!” above his head. Oh well, I seem to have gotten the quest now!

Thanks, sorry for the mistake on my part :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, the transition isn’t 100% smooth. Thanks for the report!

thanks for this… I was finally able to Finish my Mastery mission and get the Reapoer form cause of this help…

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