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Trading Exploit?

I definitely support the idea of having players find the majority of their own loot (especially the most powerful items). But, I see that LE will allow unrestricted trading between “friends”.

Will there be a restriction on the number of friends that you can have? If not, then it seems that an obvious exploit will be for each player to become friends with every other player at which point the game degrades back down to a bartering simulator.

They intend to have an AH, so I’m not sure what benefit restricting trade would have if there’s an AH as well.

You are unable to trade the most powerful items on the AH because the LE team wants players to engage with the world in order to find those items rather than buying everything from other players. I think this is a great idea.

It sounds like players can “gift” any item to somebody who has been on their friends list for a “reasonable amount of time”. A possible loophole that immediately comes to mind is that a large group of players could add each other as “friends” in order to exploit that system. Or, a player could simply “friend” a player associated with a real money trading site which would then allow them to buy or sell items using real money.

Perhaps LE should also require players to spend time playing together in order to be able to trade the best items in the game, such as a running average of 2 hours per week over the past 4 weeks.


Just following up to point out that there are other options as well, such as the following:

  1. Only allow a player to gift an item to some other player if that item dropped while both players were in a group together.
  2. Only allow a player to gift an item if the player was the original recipient of that item.

I’m sure there are other options, but you get the idea.

There’s always going to be ways for people to **** with rules designed to stop trading/RMT abuse, I’m not sure what rules you could put in place that wouldn’t be convoluted or “hurt” normal players.

in true reality it is already like this, why would it be different here?

A very simply way to prevent trading exploits is to prevent trading. I’m not sure if that is on the table, but I would support it.

I think it is much better to find your own loot than to buy it from some other player.

What are you afraid of? If somone want to spend money on a game there are ALWAYS ways to do so. If you don’t want to be involved in this SSF is your way to go. The progress other strangers have made seems to be a hugue problem and I always ask myself why :D. This is a PvE game so far and I could’nt care less about what other people have or where they get it from.

Outside of RMT trading should not be restricted because if someone played enough to buy whatever someone else is offering it’s fair game.

Thanks for joining the discussion, but perhaps you should also ask yourself why you assume that I am afraid or that people think that this is a huge problem.

I would also be curious to have you explain how a game could have unrestricted trading with out the risk of RMT trading. It seems to me that a game with unrestricted player-to-player trading will always provide a pay-to-win model, which is effectively no different than a developer allowing players to buy loot directly from a cash shop. I prefer games that require players to find their own loot and aren’t pay-to-win.

No reason to restrict trading… There is always going to be ways to abuse the system when trading is available. The only thing restricted trading or no trading at all will do is screw over legit people who are just unlucky.

Not you out of all, but a lot of people talk abou RMT and act like trading would ruin their game experience while they never have to do it or care about it.
Urestricted trading without RMT can be a thing but there is one problem none of can fix: Humans. If nnone buys stuff for RM problems are solved.
If someone sells a item for xyz currency and a player played enought time to effort xyz currency for the item it’s a fair deal for anyone and not P2W in any way because it’s play2pay.
If you are like “Players need to find their own loot no matter what” SSF is your cup of tea and you never have to think about this problems again EVER. That’s far easier then to step back from an announcment and make everyone angry who was okay with open trading.
Open trading regulates itself because people want insane ammounts of tradegoods for what they offer, so rest assured this won’t be a problem shortly after release ^^.

If you don’t like trading then play SSF. OP seems very short sighted

Trading in Arpg’s has been a staple since the diablo days. Take away trading and it might as well just be a single player campaign forever. I personally found the “bartering simulation” to be some of the most exciting and fun moments of playing any game in this genre. There is an entire game mode for those of you who are against trading.

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