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Those unexpected oneshots, some thoughts

I’ve recently responded in Twitter to the oneshot theme, and I was encouraged by the devs to start a new thread because my response was more generalist about how we feel more than providing specific damage infos.

For reference, my tweet response and link:

I have to add the first time I had one of those oneshots I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was there in front of my computer with my eyes like two potatoes and a funny face expression for sure. I’ve played several Arpgs and Mmos, and you normally know when to expect a death.

The bar dropping like crazy, but gradually (it can be slower or faster but it’s usually a gradual thing), or in a boss fight. In a boss fight you can expect high damage or even oneshots. You accept learning mechanics and reactions from the boss in order to beat him.

But I didn’t expect this happening from a non boss creature in a game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about mob oneshots or high damage, I’m just stating I was not expecting it and the degree of my surprise status when I had that happening several times in a same game session.

When I realized the cause of my unexpected deaths were certain types of mobs I began to understand the idea behind that. I suppose it’s something like you can’t relax while in combat or you can’t expect normal mobs not to do high damage quantities because you know, they’re perilous creatures… So your hero has to be prepared to learn mechanics from normal mobs.

As a consequence, normal mobs are not “normal” anymore XD For me this has been at the same time facepalming time, surprise, giggles and sometimes a bit of frustration, but all that comes when you’re learning something new, right?

I can’t pass from the third or fourth monolith because of this mainly, but I don’t have the patience to do more than 5 if that comes, so I’m more or less ok with it. I’m not a hardcore player nor a minmaxer or a character perfectionist. I just happen to like the genre and play for fun : ) I care about my builds and gear, as a clarification :wink:

What are your thoughts about non boss mob oneshots?
Which were your reactions when it happened the first time?

I’d rather die to sustained damage personally. End game feels like “build as much effective health as possible to avoid getting one shot”, since spike damage is more or less the limiting factor.


This. It is also the only way to make the current potion system potentially useful.


I totally agree. I think this would also make protections and armor feel more useful late game.

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I absolutely agree with the previous answeres. Who needs potions when the main thread is to get oneshotted. I find it frustrating to die by those because I don’t have any control about the situation.

Also I do not mainly play hardcore but I like the option and do it from time to time. For this mode it is a no go and has to be balanced.

There should be a challenge playing the game. But it has to be kind of predictable. Players must be aware of the risk of the situation they are in.

I mainly played Necromancer. I found the early levels very easy because I could hide behind my minions and let them do all the work. First time I died was a unexpected one shot out of nowhere. It was not funny.

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Onshots are fun. Underestimated the dmg of Soulspear while leveling so I got hit, died and respawned right at the time for the soulspear to oneshot me again. This was my “One in a million” Moment with LE so far.

Hardcore players would like to talk to you for a minute.


I took a breake from the game and wasn’t aware of that skill, since I never died as well without a HC viable build :p. HC is about experience and a braindead tanky build and I always calculated some deaths in when I was playing HC. Getting killed by one and the same attack twice was fun thou ^^.

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