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There absolutely needs to be a damage alert system that works

Ill start by saying I haven’t played in some time and love the improvements to the game and look forward to playing it more. However, I’m somewhat reluctant to do so because I prefer hardcore and as of now there’s no clear indication when you’re taking damage in a non visual way, a a strong visual component in the UI that’s visible when full screen menus are open would also be nice . If you have multiple windows or a large window open and something starts attacking you, for some enemies its barely noticeable, or even more minor enemies not noticeable at all…even after you’re dead. That’s pretty insane for a game with a hardcore mode.

Their should be clear non visual indications that you are taking damage and even more noticeable ones when your life becomes critically low. I was killed by just 3 void maggots despite being at least 8 levels over the area I was in because I had no idea that I was even being attacked while i was trying to figure out the best move for my next specialization. There is no transparency in the windows which would greatly add to game play experience. If enemies are on the screen it would be great it there was some indication visually of some movement. I understand that can be difficult to program so at least have a strong auditory cue or UI visual cue.

It really is a necessary thing for a game with hardcore mode. I understand most people play standard and aren’t as concerned but please pay attention to the hardcore players. Its extremely frustrating to play in a hyper paranoid way where I have to feel like I need to clear a wide area around me, or slow down and wait for delayed spawns just to feel safe enough to open a menu screen even on an extremely over leveled area.

Thank you for reading.

The sound of enemies chunking on you is pretty strong, but I agree overall.

I thought there was a red strobing boarder around the screen upon being attacked with windows open? Maybe a different game, it’s been a while. If not, that would be an easy thing to implement.


Welcome back friend :slight_smile:

To the first part of your reply: that’s exactly my point, some enemies , especially minor ones make very little noise or almost none. Like void maggots. Typically stronger ones are much more noticeable sound wise. Void maggots in particular have very very slight sound cues. I don’t remember seeing a red border. That would be a nice start if it doesn’t exist. But it’s still nice to have your character make a distinctive noise regardless. Diablo 2 for example. I can still hear the groans from the character in my mind to this day. 20 years later I remember running back to my keyboard mid piss and barely saving my life haha.
Poe also had strong sound cues normally for most instances of actual enemy attacks. But I remember distinctly being pissed off about some aspects. For example poison clouds that would randomly spawn in some late maps could kill you quite quickly and because they were damage over time had almost no auditory cue. Now’s your chance to make a better game guys ! No one likes to die like that. There’s no fun in it. Yes the player is ultimately to blame but that’s not a good gaming experience.


Haha thanks man. Nice to see all the progress they’ve made. Was quite a shock to see it all at once. Which is what I was going for with my break. Lots to relearn.

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