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The Upcoming Primalist Armor from Yesterday's Design Sheet

Yesterday we posted the Design Sheet for new Primalist armor models which will be included as part of Patch 0.7.1. Today we’d like to show you the armor set created based on that art. This set is intended for armor with low level requirements. As Last Epoch continues through beta development we’ll be gradually adding more 3d models for equipment.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.


Somehow I like the actual model look better!

Looks like tom hanks in cast away., he need more sticks to make a boat…:roll_eyes:

This looks a vampirehunter who is tired of life. I get it that you want to design models to clearly see wht class you play but somehow you miss the mark. Sure this may be something for the beginning but if my shaman looks like this after I covered him in platemale from head to toe I gonna puke ^^.

Awesome guys! Keep it up!

Hopefully you also will add a new weapon desing :smiley:

I am not a fan. It looks too, improvised.
Wild or savage looking armor could still be complicated, provide the coverage armor should, and look like it involves craftsmanship.

Mail made of layered shark teeth, horn or bone replacing the studs on studded leather. Shaped wooden armor pieces. If you can command a spriggan, making a spriggan hand-looking gauntlet shouldn’t be beyond possibility.

And fluffy furs, everywhere.

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And you never run out of materials… summon pet, kill pet, skin pet… :smiley:

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