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The Storm Breaker Spellblade 1mil crits

Hello there,
i saw many Flame Reave builds since new patch and i was wondering if i can those damage numbers pump up! While fire versions are using mostly FireBrand with probably broken node “Charring” and Mana Strike to sustain mana, i wanted something mana free and without possibly broken skill nodes.

Video guide:

Build main idea

Reach good damage numbers without Firebrand Charring node, be mana free, get Lightning Blast to proc Lightning Aegis to synergise with juicy idols (Adorned Arcane Idol) + getting ward for spending mana with LB and shock enemies, get Static to proc LB and Zap enemies, because why not :slight_smile:

Why Storm Breaker?

Huge base melee lighning damage + more melee lightning damage, more shock chance, free leech without need to spec it in passives or Enchant Weapon nodes.

How it works?

  • Static - procs Lightning Blast which shocks enemies from so many chains, gives us ward and Lightning Aegis for 25% less damage taken and 50% lightning damage.

  • FireBrand - main filler ability, builds Static charges, ward, shocks enemies and mainly with 3 stacks or more our next melee attack (Flame Reave) will be 100% critical strike.

  • FlameReave - our main nuke ability, we are converting it to lightning damage, every 4th hit thanks to node Rhytm of Fire is 100% more juicy and bigger, with node Versatility Firebrand counts to those 4th hits, so if we use at least 3 times Firebrand then the Flame Reave will be 100% sure the juicy one, even we use 10 times (Blade weaver passive) or more FireBrand, next Flame Reave will be juicy.

  • Enchant weapon - boosts our damage, more shock, 50% attack speed and thanks to node Kindling Blade is used on cooldown - autocast. 15s cooldown with 9s uptime.

  • Spellblade passive node “Blade weaver” - everytime we use skill with less than 10 mana cost, we build 1 stack, each stack gives 15% more damage for skill which costs more than 10 mana and it consumes stacks, max stacks 10. Flame Reave uses this.

  • Spellblade passive node “Volka’s razor” - our melee attack which costs more than 10 mana have 150% increased damage. Flame Reave uses this.


  • Uniques - Storm Breaker 2-hand blunt weapon, Stormtide boots, Boneclamor Brabute helm, Orian’s eye amulet

  • Crafted / dropped gear affixes - cap resistances / crit avoidance, get as much dex / int (primary) as possible, over 300 mana, Frailty on hit (another 18% dmg reduction).

  • Idols - (suffix) % lightning damage (doubled if over 300 mana), (preffix) % melee elemental damage, (preffix) % lightning damage when lightning aegis is on,


Awesome, I was wondering what could be done with Mana Strike. :slight_smile: I’ll watch the video tomorrow.

Nope, that’s working as intended. Any buffs that Firebrand stacks get are applied to the skill that consumes them.

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Ohh really? Wow, its confirmed by devs so its just bad / confusing description of the node? Well it may change a lot :smiley:

Yeah, they could do with changing the description of the skill in general to make that clear.

I made a version that uses these skills but with a staff instead. The staff scales melee attack quite well and is obviously the best possible spell scaling. Get the fire aura passives in spellblade, convert to lightning and you are walking death.

That one passive that gives chance to get fire aura per second while moving or doing a melee attack maintains fire aura at 2+ stacks easily by itself. Add fire aura from Flame Ward and the later passive in the tree that produces them on melee hits and you get lots of aura. I use the increased fire aura damage idols.

Play the build like you would in this thread with the main difference being you’ll have smaller melee hits (but still decent) and significant magic damage happening around you passively. I only wish the manual activation of Static wasn’t awful. Would provide an alternative to it just being an LB trigger.

Great ideas. Building a Lightning Spellblade myself currently. I went the road more like @Promethean does, going for spelldamage. So I take many nodes from the sorcerer tree to buff the lightning damage and use Firebrand for ward, static charges and adaptive spelldamage per stack. Mana strike triggers a Lightning on hit, static triggers LB and enchant weapon zaps enemies. On top fire aura. It’s really a fun build so far (lvl 70 currently).

Going for melee damage like @Chimere would be an option for another build, I guess :laughing:.

Spellblade love currently :heart_eyes::heart:

Hello there,
thanks for reply, originally my build was lightning Firebrand with maximazing spell damage / attack speed, maxed fire aura (sustained 10-15 stacks, 4-6k hits per sec in 100 mono), static, LB, and many sparks. Its great build, melts bosses, but thats different story / build. I wanted to make pure melee lightning Reave build aimed for biggest possible melee hits.

I get your points, but they doesnt fit into my build, more likely they are ideas to different build with similar concept what i wrote above, and i think that Flame Reave doesnt have right place there. Firebrand greatly synergise with boosting spell damage / spell crit multi, so you want to keep its stacks to have your spells boosted 100% time and not consuming them with Flame Reave.

Anyway everyone plays what fits to their play style and most important thing is to enjoy the time in game :slight_smile:

One of the reasons I love this game: One build can spawn many!


Yeah! My response was not meant as a suggestion for you. I like your idea and just wanted to take part in this conversation besides playing your exact build :grin:.


I was primarly reacting to Promethean (thats why i replied to his response), but i got you guys, im watching you, im watching… :smiley:

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Is frailty on hit a new affix or replaces an old one from the last version?

It’s a new affix.

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new affix, 6% reduced enemy damage, 3 stacks

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