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The passive nodes which with CD are low value

Every class has some passive node with CD xx second. I allocated none point on these nodes because from my experience on LE more than 300 hours, very low value on that.

Please considering change this kind of passive nodes, remove the CD and give a chance to trigger, mabye a solution.

Without CD on passive proc there is always the issue of fast attack build that can proc it too many times. But on the other side I also find underwhelming passives with cd since it doesn’t feel strong and useful.
I think devs need to find a better balance and for the majority of the passives with cd, reducing the cd should be a first step.
Maybe doing a mix of both ? For example a passive that can proc X times maximum every X seconds.

Good idea, I hope you can change it soon.

“You can change it soon” @bjfuchen81
–> I am not a dev nor part of EHG so no I won’t change it soon XD

Yep, I am wrong.
Then I hope EHG will change it soon

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Passive are interesting because they offer others mecanisms too.
CD is a good for plenty of them: for when and on hit it’s normal to have CD. It would be too porwerfull, unless you make them weak and so no interesting.

Tremor is a good exemple: it stun ennemy around you when hit. whitout CD it is overpower. If it is only chance, it’s too random.

Powerfull first blow each 4s allow you to burst dangerous ennemy andf give you another mecanism to get in your mind. It’s only if you want it and it could transform your way of playing. It’s great.

On crit doesn’t need CD I think, because you have to build around crit to augment chance to proc the passive, so it’s already a “trade off”.

So CD are OK, if of course the power of the passive and the duration of the passive are well balanced.

I agree with you on some nodes.
But some nodes only add addtion flat damage on melee or spell (3S CD) is really wicked.

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