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The game reboots the PC

When I play the game, after a while the game reboots the PC.
Is there a solution to finally be able to play this great game?
I remain at your disposal for further information

Thank you in advance,

Player.log (19.7 KB) Player-prev.log (27.4 KB)

The following information could help a lot;

Do you happen to monitor the temperature of your system while playing? Knowing how hot your CPU and video card get would help us progress through the process of elimination. Free programs such as HWMonitor and HWInfo will record this information for you.

Thanks for your response,

I send you

  • Graphics INI file
  • DxDiag

My PSU Model is “BitFenix Whisper M, 550W”

I will quickly test the temperature of my graphics card, and send my results.

thank you in (16.7 KB)

Hey @AlainDessi,

(I’m NOT a staff, just a disclaimer)
Could you try to unplug your headset/headphones completely from your computer, try to go in-game and play for a couple of minutes/hour and see if it helped?

Seeing your dxdiag file, seems like one of the issue could be caused by faulty headset drivers.


Thanks ! i’ll try this …

I have been playing for two hours without any crash …

If is this problem ? how to resolve it ? re-install drivers for the HeadPhone logitech ?

Thanks à lot for your help !

But 2 hour and ten minutes :rofl:… The game crash :sob: … is not the problem !

Hey @AlainDessi,

That’s at least some good news! Could you re-send a fresh DxDiag/logfile so I can take another look? If what we did helped, then maybe the crash was caused by a different component.

EDIT: also, quick confirmation but could you tell me if your game crashed, or PC restarted? You initially stated the latter, so if your PC isn’t crashing anymore, that’s a good start at least :smile:


The Game reboot the PC sorry, not crash !

I send the new DxDiag ! (16.0 KB)

Hey @AlainDessi,

Sorry to hear the reboot are still happening!

I want to confirm something else; how is your PC rebooting? Is it a BSOD (bluescreen), or nothing specific shows and it just shutdowns?

To help fix the issue, you need to be informed this could be an issue from your installation, or one of your component rather than the game. Seeing at your PC specs, it should be well enough to run it.

I’d advise you to run a few checks:

  • Run a memory check (MemTest)
  • Run a disk check (note: if you have a SSD, this might be slightly different. Please, do NOT attempt a defragment on a SSD!)
  • Try to reinstall, update or install all of your drivers. I would recommend websites such as touslesdrivers (FR) for the automation, but feel free to trust it or not
  • If you have time for it, try completely uninstalling the game, and start a fresh installation

Once you’ve done everything listed above, if the issue persists, generate a new DxDiag and send the new crash logs/game logs :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response,

I’ve make this check.

  • Check Mémory with MemTest86 (very long … ) - No Errors
  • Check Hard Disk - No Errors
  • Reinstall all the drivers - expect Sound (Realtek) I uninstall the driver but not reinstalled
  • Reinstall the game (Steam)

This morning I’ve play the game with no crash, no reboot before 3 hour ! I’ve quit the game normally !

I’m retesting it all this afternoon !

Thanks a lot for your time …

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Hey there,

Glad it worked (so far :smiley:)! Let me know if the issue continues even after that.

Cheers, and enjoy playing for now!

The Game always reboots the PC, it’s random! I can play for 3 hours without reboot, then for an another play, after 10 min it reboots.

No no Blue screen, just the PC is restarting. it’s the only game that does that to me.

The game is awesome, but playing with the fear of reboot is not great. I’m going to put the game aside for the moment, go back to PoE and others …

I’m sorry to hear that this hasn’t been resolved for you. Are there any crash report files in the following location? If so, it would be helpful to upload them here C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes

Unfortunately, if your computer is restarting without any warning it sounds like it could be a hardware related issue. I would recommend trying to run the game without any overclocks or voltage changes on your CPU and GPU, and disabling XMP for your RAM.

Please let us know if that helps.

If this still happens without any overclocks or XMP, the problem could be related to your computer’s power supply. However, I recognize that it’s not very practical to try replacing that and hoping that’s the problem.

Also, thanks for linking to troubleshooting information @rudreais , I appreicate it.