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The game crashed (blue screen) and I lost my character

Hey all,

So I’ve had several crashes yesterday (stack overflow error, already reported by someone else).

Today I didn’t have any so far, until my computer crashed violently (blue screen, no warning) in a monolith map. And now when I login the character I was playing is just… gone. Doesn’t appear in my character list after I log in.

Please give me my character back ;_; (and if you could fix the crashes it would be wonderful too).

Sorry about this! Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to restore characters as they are stored locally (or on Steam Cloud).

We are currently working on resolving the cause of these issues.

Thank you for your reply, didn’t know it was a local save. My save was probably corrupted by the crash…
Maybe add some sort of backup system so the game can rollback to a previous save in the case of file corruption ? Shouldn’t be too hard to code…

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