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The Followers of a God After That God's Demise

Time is one of the central themes of Last Epoch’s story.

As you travel through time, you get to see first-hand how the events which occur have changed the world of Eterra. This is something we leverage when designing quests, zones, and enemies. In a future patch we will be adding the Fallen Osprix to certain Imperial Era zones.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

In the Divine Era the Osprix were the proud servants of Rahyeh, the god of sky and fire, but with Rahyeh’s death their place in the world was put at risk. As the Immortal Empire embraced the powers of undeath, the Osprix were pushed further and further into obscurity - hunted down for their old allegiance to Rahyeh.

The Fallen Osprix of the Imperial Era are a faint shadow of their former glory, squatting among the cliffs and low sewers of the mountain that was once the seat of their empire. The mastery over fire they once wielded has literally turned to ash, their magic manifesting as putrid smoke and dying embers. The Fallen Osprix have even lost the ability to fly - a fact that they are supremely bitter of, to the point mutilating birds and other flying beings out of spite.


Ooo that is one interesting story! I love this dark kind of lore :smiley: And these guys look super creepy and awesome.

These designs look amazing 10/10 would support again!


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