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The Courtyard Temple guardian

i can’t get the guardian of the temple to aggro, he is just standing in his statue pose and im trying to run around and get him to aggro / start the encounter, the one time i got him to start was teh split secound before the load scene when entering the temple making him “reset” when i go out again,

i’m playing a sentinel void knight lvl 22

“if you use” home portal or change area ! Then you bug the map you can pas him but u cant kill him you need to relog and go again to him then its working cheers

i could just pass him and enter without doing anything im at thw way point in the temple of eterra right now hoping i dident have to kill him, but ill try what you said cheers!

you need to kill him for Story line ! thats the prob just relog (new login) then courtyard run straight to him and finish him ^^ no homeportals and not leaving the area prefent that bug :slight_smile:

aight thanks !

Same problem, he did activate once, think it was when I first approached him . Will try the relog solution.

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Because this isn’t a 100% repeatable bug, please upload your log file if it happens again so we can take a look!

Hi I got a similar bug after entering the temple without killing the activated temple guardian. Re entering and re logging did not work for me. Here’s my log.
temple guardian bug output_log.txt (1.4 MB)

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