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The Claw Amulet

If this needs to be moved to another forum, please do so, else;

The Claw Amulet which states “You can summon wolves up to your max number of companions.” Would this apply if your using Skeletons and Golems also? If so, how do we summon, if not, Ill assume this would only goto or work for another class. Since this item does not state its a class item only, then do we at least benefit from the stats on the amulet at least?

Because it says “Wolves” it does not work for any other skill than “Summon Wolves”. Besides this really obvious fact Companions (Primalist) are different from “Minions” (Acolyte, Sentinel). So if any stat says it affects companions it’s always for Primalist pets.

Aright, thank you for your answer.

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