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Tankiest Tank Updated

Know no Defeat

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LOL. “wacking a stick at whatever you’re aiming at.” :smiley:

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Pretty much what the damage feels like ya lol

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Tankiest Tank, but no Sigils of Hope?

Required to many passive in paladin. The 10 points lost would have either meant no devouring orb or 10 points out of the top of forge guard which give 75% more elemental defenses when hit. Considering armor is already easily made up for thanks to shield throw there was no need. The extra block % would be nice but with RoS your already at 87% so I mean you can swap it if you want but for me this seemed best overall and no annoying sigils to cast

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Yeah, that’s what I though when I was making a VK. :frowning:

Only for 4s on cast (or proc with Shield Crafter) though. If you could get Sigils of Hope & keep it up, you’d be at 99% block chance without a t7 block chance affix (for 4s on cast/proc)…

Lol again preference. As for extra numbers while actually in combat your almost always proc ros every 4 seconds. As for 87% vs 99% is losing 75% elemental prot worth it? Idk that answer

Not sure, you’d be loosing 75% ele prots but gaining your block effectiveness for any hits taken on that 87%-99% which would apply to the elemental and necrotic hits (not void since you have the Orian’s amulet) & armour. You’d be swapping a % buff for a flat added buff against blocked hits. How much benefit (actual damage mitigation) you’d get would depend on your life & prots.

Grief dude, slow down… I am busy testing your Plague VK with great success and now I see this one.



Meanwhile the devs implement damage res to bosses because “high damage builds do not interact with boss mechanics”

Do you see this tank build interacting with ANYTHING?

T5 Strength gives more armor than Fortified and gives damage!

This is ridiculous…

for the 1st time I can be able to tank the corpse emperor dragon while a shit ton of dmg mod PLUS enrage. Normally I have to run back and forth.

Jesus. Stop breaking the game will ya?

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This is exactly why I love ARPGs… Theorycrafting and build dev is half the fun. :wink: I have lost count of the amount of time I have spent just rebuilding chars over and over and testing other peoples builds to find that one that kicks arse and suits my playstyle…