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Super Fun Erasing Strike Build!

So I was playing around and found a super fun-to-play build that, I think, has pretty good potential for progressing. Still early 70s so there’s a lot of room for growing the build, lots of damage still to get and gear is sub par.

Quick video of the gameplay on low arenas:
(I’m on a loptop right now so I apologize for the quality and stutters).


Abyssal Echos

Volatile Reversal

Erasing Strike

Devouring Orb



Gearing: Because of using a 2h, the build tends to be fairly squishey. I’ve tried to mitigate that by putting taking some non-shield based defensive passives as well as focusing on high resists / stacking glancing blow. I’m not sure that the glancing blow is better than just stacking armor % and dodge, I’ll have to experiment with that.

For damage you’ll want to get as high crit chance and multi as you can, on your weapon you’ll want to get the highest base melee physical damage possible (hence going for a polearm). Then roll on melee physical (not physical %), and melee void (or potentially crit).

Gameplay: Honestly, this is probably the most fun gameplay style that I’ve had in an ARPG, extremely active but has a good rhythm to it. Basically, you Lunge in (mobility and defensive buffs/stun), pull everything around you into a big stack with Abyssal Echos, hit it with a giant expensive hammer 2x aka Erasing Strike, it often echos at least once which adds up real quick. Then you use your Volatile Reversal to get back all your mana and often save you from all the random abilities being thrown at you.

Volatile Reversal is still a little bit buggy, you’ll get used to the way it tends to work but even so you can kind of mana starve yourself if you mess up. Typically if you have enough mana to get out a erasing strike and a reversal it’ll pop your mana up to full again, but sometimes it just doesn’t…

Overall, super fun build, I’d recommend giving it a try if you want to play something different than the standard hammer throw / one button spam. Might not end up being the most powerful build, but in my books it’s the most entertaining!

I apologize for any formatting errors or anything confusing, first time trying to post a build here. I also couldn’t get the images to just show up in the spoiler tabs for some reason so had to put in a link. Let me know what you think though.


Nice stuiff, but evetually you will run out of all mana and reversal will give you nothing. So you will run around a lot, just trying to regen.

I’ve actually found that the only time I get mana locked out is when I mess up (hit another erasing strike after volatile reversal) or it bugs out. There’s enough passive mana regen that it covers any abilities outside of erasing strike.

Just did up to wave 85 with this yesterday at level 73, it definitely could go a lot further, I just made a mistake.

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