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Summon Wraith - question/suggestion on Noxious Blades node


To be able to summon Putrid Wraith I have to invest skill points into Noxious Blades node. However it turns out that the node grants posion chance on melee hit, but Putrid Wraith is caster.

There is another node - Serrated Scythes that grants bleed damage chance for melee and spell attacks. I would like to propose to grant to Noxious blades poison damage chance on hit, i.e. to support spell attacks as well.

Best regards,

Just a side not you can summon putrid wraiths with idols, no nodes needed in skill tree

It’s good to have such option but at first you need to get such totem from drop. :grin:

Yeah there not super rare but they will take time to find.