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Summon Flame Wraith Crit God - SC LADDER NECRO RANK4

The Build That Brought Me To Rank #4 SC Ladder as Necromancer. Hell its a lot of fun. Got the Idea from Boardmans build transformed it into Flrame Wraiths. Hell yeah a ot lof fun. Easy ladder rank have fun guys XD

Build updated 05092020

Why did you go for a Mark for Death on hit idol rather than going with the passive that gives you a chance for Mark for Death when a minion dies (which the wraiths will be a lot)? I’m also curious as to why you chose the points you did in Wraith (rather than going the “millions of disposable wraiths to get you a ****ton of ward” route).

Hey mate. in the passive tree you would only get 10% per passive point not a lot to be honest. if the wraith disapear it does not count as death. thats why i just picked the idol. but it would be worth a try of course. thanks for the suggestion. Wahts the route you are talking about? You mean “one foot in teh grave” ? awwww i jsut saw the left side theres even more crit stuff hell i missed this. gotta try more crit. thanks mate XD

These are the points I took:

Echoes Inside, Stygian River & Army of Wraiths are the ones that give you more wraiths per summon & faster (since Echoes Inside adds a cooldown), even with my gear (654% minion hp regen) I can get up to 40 wraiths at a time assuming they’re not taking much damage.

ah ok well that is a really good point as well thanks a lot. gotta try this tonight:) i just saw theres a long cooldown on summon wraith and didnt tried it but if i can add a cooldown that would be insane. thanks a lot

Yeah, the cooldown’s not too bad, as it gives you more time to Rip Blood & get the mana back.

Also, Wraiths decaying can still proc the ward on minion death from Reclamation of Souls, so I’d think that Wraiths decaying will also proc the Mark for Death from Mark of Punishment.

thanks mate. with the right path of summon wraiths i had the problem that there was only 60-70 of the around max. maybe you can increase it with a lot of CD. i just switched back to my first path where im able to get around 100-130. Added a lot of INT and switched to Spectral Golem and changed a few passive points and pushed the gear helped the most :slight_smile: finally ranked #4 yaaay

Congrats! Do you still have time to cast other skills while you’re keeping up that many Wraiths?

sorry for late reply. hahahha not a lot to be honest XD