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Suggestion: Competitive PvP

Hey all, just found out about the game and since it’s still in development I thought it’s a good time to give you an idea to put on the backburner at least. That is competitive PvP which is separate from the PvP available to PvE characters (for fairness sake).

I don’t know how good the PvP will be but if it takes off competitive PvP could be a great game mode to promote the game and make it accessible to all. In order for everyone to be able to join in on the fun the creation of competitive PvP only characters that are max level would be needed for even playing field.

Next thing that would be required is to give players the ability to create any kind of item they want for their build, basically max rolled items/uniques/sets/enchants/what have you. This would probably take a lot of your resources to develop to be user friendly.

Guild Wars 1 did a magnificent job in balancing the game. Have a separate version of PvE and PvP skill for abilities that will be too strong/weak in PvP, this enables you to fine tune PvP but leave PvE unaffected.

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If they seperate both game modes and the PvE development isn’t hurt by the hard job balancing pvp is I’m okay with it. If however PvP development throws back the PvE development then no thx! PvP in ARPG’s was always terrible,



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Arpg=no PvP.

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Don’t say no from the getgo. If they manage to have dedicated PvP zones with global buffs and debuffs to skills it wont hurt PvE. If a lot of workhours are needed to pull it of there are a LOT more important things to do.

I did mention this should be on their “backburner” (keep in mind but way at the back). First the devs need to decide what they want with pvp and I saw they take the community feedback to heart, ask them what they dis/like about it. I’m well aware this should not be their priority for day 1 launch and depending on their goals it might be reasonable to come a year after launch.

Keep in mind that a strong foundation is needed, if at some point everyone would love to have this kind of PvP system but they made poor decision at the start that would then require a whole overhaul… that would never happen.

I imagine PvP is not meant to happen in open world/pve zones but arena style where you can have zone specific de/buffs. Balancing the skills is playing with the numbers or taking extra functionality away from them if they are too complicated or strong against players.

Why split the PvP from PvE characters? To make things fair for PvE characters, however this is also an option if the devs want to see their game being played in a tournament setting.

Like I said this can be a long term goal but you need to know now so you know what will come down the pipe line.

Sure sure :). At the end of the day I have not Problem with PvP if it’s totaly optional and if there are no daylie or weekly quests for it that offer PvE benefits.

The most troublesome aspect for me is the ammount of work that comes with it. First of all the need to handle PvE balancing and with every patch there are issues with balancing right now, what is understandable in a beta. I would never touch PvP if a mage places a blackhole and oneshots me after for example because there is no counterplay. I won’t be happy if a primalist jumps in my face and hits me for 10k dmg. Right now it would be an insane payload of work to get this done in a meaningfull way.

If we spin things a bit further and all classes are there and all skills are implemented then the balancing starts to happen in some kind of a 1.0 finalized version so things can go smoothly from there on.
From there on they will get even more feedback from people who tell them X is to strong Y is to weak and some passives are garbo compared to others what makes them useless and all the work “strat” over again, or is never ending anyway.

If there is a dedicated PvP system all that work will doubble instantly, because every change made to a class from a PvE point changes the PvP meta and they have doubble the workload. For a small studio this is to much in my oppinion and at the end sonething will suffer if it’s PvE or PvP or other content arround it.

Pvp on D2 was amazing for me, I only hope on the arenas can only be 1 class per group. Like you engage on 5v5 and you see everybody using the same class with the same build just because is OP. Allowing only 1 class per group gives more chances to try different builds and sinergies.

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