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Stuck on Character Select Screen

The game crashed a few times prior and I lost a character. Now when I press the start button the UI pops up and nothing else loads. Also, by any chance would there be a way to get that missing character back?
Player.log (18.7 KB) Player-prev.log (18.7 KB)

Very sorry about this! We’ll be providing a fix for the game failing to load in this situation in our next patch, Beta 0.8.

Unfortunately, this problem indicates that your stash file got corrupted. If you go to your Saves folder (located in the same place as your log file) and delete your Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta and Epoch_Local_Global_Data_Beta_temp files you should be able to play the game again.

We aren’t able to restore any save data lost at this point as all save data is stored on your computer locally. However, we are investigating causes of this issue and will seek to resolve them.