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StormQuake's Rambo Bone Golem Necromancer | Patch 7.9c

Props To @StormQuake On Discord For Letting Me make A Vid On This Build

YouTube Vid Link :

Skill Trees

Passive Trees


Normally I would include a TunkLabs Link, but as of the writing of this post, it is not letting me send links. So just brief overview instead! Obviously add your own armor and protections, but its always subjective to every character! This is just a list of the obvious affixes you could use! Experiment!

Helm - Ivory Mask With Intelligence

Amulet - Death Rattle

Weapon - Infernal Wand With Cast Speed, Minion Physical Damage

Off Hand - Blood Rust Aegis With Cast Speed, Spell Minion Damage

Body Armor - Heretic Armor with Intelligence, Dodge Rating %

Rings - Gold Ring with Intelligence, Minion Physical Damage

Belt - Bronze Belt with Dodge %, Dodge Rating 4 Seconds on Potion

Gloves - Noble Gloves with Cast Speed, Intelligence

Boots - Heoborean Boots with Dodge %, Intelligence and Movement Speed

Relic - Any Relic with Intelligence and Cast Speed

Idols - Best Idol to run would be 25% Glancing Blow and 10% Mark For Death on Minion Hit, and if you cant get 100% glancing just use some gear slots for it!


You’re missing the passive skill trees

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Its Fixed, I am sorry! <3

So I just completed the game, going from 1-50 basically without switching gear after level 12 (pebbles set) all this morning after seeing this build. I was looking for a fun Acolyte build to try out this patch so I naturally hopped on this one. For some reference I have about 200 hours in Last Epoch, 4000 hours in PoE, I was in the top 10 Barbarians in the world who killed Inferno Diablo at D3 release and have an untold number of hours in D2 playing it as a kid. With all the humble brag out of the way I had a lot of fun with this build. I’m the kind of player who likes to play “as the build” while levelling up and generally not use alternate skills. I found that process to definitely be possible but your character is pretty fragile until you get dread shade to the point where you can have it up 100% of the time, which is fine. One point of criticism I’ve found so far is you spec into the “Carrion Hunger” node for Rip Blood but its not necessary as Rip Blood will already cost 0 without speccing into it if you pick up the mana efficiency nodes prior. This allows you to route to “Blood Infusion” for 30% increased damage on your Golem. Also I’m not 100% sure the “Stench of Blood” passive does anything as you’re casting it on your pet and not on a target, I’ll have to test it some more.

Thanks for the build idea! I had fun today and look forward to playing around with it some more.

I started converting over from my skeleton build to this one as it seemed like fun. I’m finally getting the hang of it, sort of.

Couple quick questions:

1 - Is there a trick to targeting/selecting your golem? Or I guess the real question is if I don’t specifically have it targeted do i still get the Rip Blood effects?

2 - Is there a reason to not choose “All for One” in the Dread Shade tree? I’m still early in the build but it doesn’t seem like we buff any other minions so there seems to be no downside to this?

Thanks for the fun build idea!

In my experience it seemed like if the golem was the only minion you just need to target somewhat close to it. I got rid of all of my other stuff that created incidental minions as it would cause issues. As far as All for One, that seems like it would be a great choice as long as it doesn’t stop it from providing us the aura from Symbiotic Apparition. I havent spec’d that far in shade yet so I’ll have to mess with it.

  1. As long as Rip Blood can target minions, it will generally go to the golem as long as your cursor is somewhat near it.

  2. All for One is technically the highest damage option for individual bursts of bone nova from the golem, but if you take it, you will lose out on the 45% cast speed the aura gives you, which significantly helps in casting Rip Blood more often. More importantly, you lose out on the aura that gives you 25 to all protections per point of int you have, which is an immensely helpful defensive tool.

Did you see my comment above regarding the Rip Blood skill tree?

Oops, let me reply to that too. Essentially, after you max out cast speed and healing on the Rip Blood tree, the last point doesn’t really matter. Stench of Blood and Carrion Hunger don’t do anything, but there’s not really anywhere else to put the point that will be beneficial, so really Rip Blood is finished at level 19 rather than 20.

What idols do you use for this build?

4x Deflecting Adorned Immortal Idol of Condemnation

There are not many beneficial idol mods for this build, so just going for glancing blow to free up slots on items and death mark on minion hit is the best option. You can pretty much hit 100% glancing with decent rolls on those idols and then the Acolyte specific Immortal Plate chestpiece. This is important as that means we have some more prefixes to put int on for those juicy aura resists and rip blood healing.

Right but you didn’t acknowledge my second point: You can pick up blood infusion and infused frenzy if you take 1 point from quenching and the useless 3 points in mana feast. The build is not mana hungry whatsoever and the healing from 1 additional point in quenching is negligible. In addition, I’m not 100% sure of the behavior of blood splatter with marrow drinker enabled, but in either case its either dealing additional damage to enemies or hitting your golem additional times for more bona nova triggers. All in all its a win/win.

Infused frenzy would not be very beneficial because the cast/attack speed won’t really change our DPS. I do see your point on Blood Infusion though. Could still keep 0 mana cost with just a 20% chance to splatter and the high cast speed would likely keep the buff up. I will test it out, as your point about the build ont being very mana hungry is true.

Infused frenzy beats out “literally nothing”

Well you’re taking a point away from quenching to get infused frenzy though, so you’re not losing nothing in that case. don’t forget that a single point in quenching is 8 blood per orb because it’s being doubled, and then that value is increased by 9% per int. At 100 int, which is the endgame goal for this build, taking a point out of quenching means you’re losing 80 health per rip. That’s not worth the tradeoff of the golem getting 10% attack speed.

If you’re already gaining 500+ hp per second and hitting max hp every second then yes, 80 is nothing.

Well many build guides aren’t set in stone. If you want to try with the 10% attack speed and see what feels better, then go for it!

Would bloodsplatter even be able to hit the golem? it isn’t allowed to hit the primary RB target (as stated in the node) and since there are no other minions around i don’t see how one activates the blood infusion buff. (I’ve tried the Bone minions from transplant, but having them makes targeting with dread shade awkward and they arn’t very useful in general.)

Very ingenious build idea btw, i simply had to yoink that^^.

I’m actually unsure on that. It’s kind of hard to test since I don’t think there’s a visual indicator when the buff is active. Also the buff is just activated when minions are in the splatter AoE, since the splatter doesn’t “hit” them.

Whatever the case, maxing out healing and cast speed is what really matters. The other points are negligible in the end.

Hey, i have been playing the build and loving it at level 85 right now and i went a different route on dread shade and rip blood. For dread shade i went through the top left for haste cause that slow debuff was annoying me, and i also got all for one so he has 100% more damage, the last 3 points were whatever so i just got blind fury and two in dying coven. And for rip blood i got the blood infusion for minions 30% damage.