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Storm Totem from Tempest strike should be Specialized?

I am having fun with Tempest Strike. A lot of variations to try. Is Storm Totem from Storm’s Aid supposed to be specialized version if we have Storm Totem specialized?

I tested it a few times. If I cast Storm Totem and proc Storm Totem with Tempest, I get two totems out.

If I proc Storm Totem and then cast Storm Totem skill, it replaces the proc.

Would be fun to have two Storm Totems on the screen. Over powered? lol

I am asking this because casting Storm Totem myself is way easier than trying to proc it so if I am going to proc it, it better be 2 Storm Totems out at once. If you don’t allow two Storm Totems, then there is little point in this skill node IMO.

Wholeheartedly agree; especially since you have to invest into minion dmg and specialize storm totem to make it efficient, AND go melee AND put significant points into the possibility of even proccing it. :slight_smile: cost-return-reward ftw

Yeah… I figure it could be a “specialized version” but then I ask myself “why don’t I just cast it myself”? lol way more efficient if I cast it myself instead of spending 4 skill points and a chance to happen.

Now if I have a chance to have 2 Storm Totems out… mmmm, different story!!!

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