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Stash bug

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well … the STASH DOES NOT WORK I HAVE ALREADY SENT YOU A REPORTER BUG BUT YOU DID NOT REPLY TO ME, I will tell you again {I can understand the SOUND FOOT NOT ME I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING PUT IT ON WHEN YOU WANT BUT THE STASHHH THE STASSSH THE STASSSH … WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND?} YOU MUST PUT IT ONLY BECAUSE I CANNOT START A NEW PG EVERY DAY … A 16 YEAR OLD BOY WOULD BE ABLE . now let it go that you have not put it on purpose but the most serious thing and you have not even answered me … thank you very much compliments if you continue with cois do the end of WOLCEN FOR ME … THE STASH AND GIVE THE POSSIBLE TO TEST THE BETA

We’re replied to your initial thread: Stash problem after patch 0.7.8b SC MODE

I’m sorry we didn’t get to your report sooner, but we do take these reports seriously.