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Stash Bug

I want to report that today most of my items in the stash suddenly disappeared.
Is it possible to get them back?
Thanks for help

its seems to be happening to alot of people, including myself.

Sorry about this! Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to get your items back. However, we expect system reworks that are coming in 0.7.5 to prevent this issue.

Sad to report that my stash inventory have become empty after or in relation to the 0.7.5 patch. Could this be related to the character load in bug that I had? I didn’t have much saved though, so no problems there.

It’s possible, I’m unsure. Unfortunately there’s not much I can say without seeing a log file, and it resets each time you open the game.

Is it possible to see this in the log file I uploaded in relation to the topic about not being able to load in?

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