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(spoiler?!) New laptop! Chars gone but found this!

I just run last epoch on my new gaming Laptop and its SO fast! All my Chars are gone (which is fantastic because I can start new :D), hence I found the new character creation screen and found skills:

Bone Nova - Lich


Assemble Abdomination - Necromancer

And found on the other classes some familiar/unfamiliar skill Tooltips :flushed:

Excitement! I hope bone nova is not an old skill that has been removed, but… :sunglasses:

Bone Nova was an old skill that got removed. It is cast as a sub ability by several skills including Bone Golem. I also just got finished revamping all those skill tooltips so they are aligned with skills in 0.7.9.

in patch 0.7.9 will come DPS the skills and in the toolbox?