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Spell Damage Leech not working properly on Mage/Sorcerer

Hi there.

I am playing on a Level 56 Mage/Sorcerer. As it seems, i cant leech Health via Spell Damage, despite having both Passive Nodes “Lavamancer” and “Chill to the Bone” taken. I use Fireball as a Spamspell and Volcanic Orb skilled as “Frozen Orb” for most of my damage. But neither of those two spells grant me any leech.

Some Infos about my Character:

Passives taken on Mage Tree:

  • 3/8 Arcanist
  • 8/8 Elementalist
  • 2/8 Scholar
  • 3/5 Arcane Flames
  • 10/10 Knowledge of Destruction
  • 5/5 Ice and Fire

Passives taken on the Sorcerer Tree:

  • 8/8 Calculated Destruction
  • 8/8 Brainstorm
  • 2/8 Pyromancer
  • 5/5 Lavamaner
  • 8/8 Cryomancer
  • 5/5 Chill to the Bone
  • 1/8 Warder
  • 2/8 Chronomancy

Then i took the following Nodes on Fireball Skill Tree:

  • 3/4 Winged Fire
  • 1/1 Fire Spray
  • 1/1 Embers
  • 2/2 Dancing Fire
  • 2/4 Piercing Heat
  • 2/7 Immolated Core
  • 2/4 Adept
  • 3/3 Mana Sphere
  • 3/6 Conflagration
  • 1/4 Burning Wounds

And the following Nodes on the Volcanic Orb Skill Tree:

  • 1/1 Frozen Orb
  • 3/5 Volatile Emission
  • 3/5 Ash Pelting
  • 3/8 Eruption
  • 4/4 Dense Orb
  • 1/1 Orb of Speed
  • 1/3 Pyroclastic Speed
  • 2/4 Volcanic Acceleration
  • 2/7 Molten Core

Uniques equipped:

  • Calamity - Head
  • Rahyeh’s Light - Shield
  • Isadora’s Tomb Binding - Belt

on all other slots, i just have random rares thrown together with spell dmg and protection affixes etc. nothing outstanding really. I dont think i need to go in detail here about them, do i?

Encountering this behaviour in all aspects of the game, Monolith, Arena and open World, so it seems to be a global issue. Since i “only” hit for like 1k crits at the moment, the leech is very little, so i can’t really tell if its working as intented or not in general, since i also have base hp regen of 26 or so. BUT: You can see it clearly, when equipping Titan Heart. Devs confirmed, that Titan Heart should not affect Leech, only HP regen. But while equipped, you dont regen or leech any hp ever. only way to get hp back is potions. you can test that very easily by taking a bit dmg, teleporting away and then spam your skills while not taking dmg. HP stays the same forever until taking dmg or using a potion. So IF Titan Heart is working as intented, thats proof, that Spell Dmg Leech is not working right now, at least for me on this character.

Since i’m pretty sure, my hardware does not have to do anything with this kind of “bug”, i dont need to post my system specs here i guess :slight_smile:

Can’t say anything for sure, but perhaps this “little leech” you mention is being countered by the little degen from the Calamity Helm (killing an ennemy with fire dmg) ?

Nah doesn’t seem to have to do anything with Calamity. But for the sake of testing, i tried it out.

Results in the video. And yes, i know my gear sucks :smiley: but that’s not why i am showing it. just wanted to make sure, that u see i got nothing equipped that would prevent leeching. Except the Titan Heart. Maybe Spell Leech works fine and it’s just the interaction with Tian Heart. Maybe the unique is not working as intented.

As u can see in the video, my hp never goes up. only down by taking dmg. Also Enemy Level does not affect it either. Got the same results in scaled Level areas like Monoliths and Arena.

edit: I also altered my build a bit to go full fire dmg, so the original post isn’t accurate anymore, sorry for that ^^ i only specced completely out of cold dmg for testing spell leech with fire dmg

Short Video of Testing

Hi, got a sorcerer myself and its life leech coming from leeched elemental spell damage seems to work as intended. I’m not sure about the specifics of your problem, but is it possible the area of effect spells you are using are considered to be damage over time? As far as I understand damage over time is not considered to be a hit and thus life leech or life leech on hit not proccing in this case could be considered working as intended.

Thank you for the very informative bug report.

I have investigated this and found that;

  • The Sorcerer passives Lavamancer, Chill to the Bone (and, presumably, Rift Bolt) do not correctly grant % Damage Leeched as Health for their respective elements.
  • The Titan’s Heart unique body armour is not intended to interact with leech. I have tested whether it is doing so, and I have not been able to find any such bug.

The Sorcerer passives mentioned above will be fixed in a future update. Unfortunately, until then you will need to find an alternative form of leech. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Leech doesn’t work.

Use unique equipament “titan heart armour” (You do not regenerate health) to see better.

Use lightning blast. No leech.

If you equip the unique item “tome of elements” (2% elemental leech) it works.

I channeled my IRL Elemental Tome and leeched the power of caffeine to fix this bug.

These nodes will be functional in 0.7.6, I’ve fixed them locally.


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