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Specific Performance Issues Since Patch 0.7.2's Release


Patch 0.7.2 features the largest graphics improvement ever released in a single patch.

While we’ve optimized many of the additions and improvements already, we are still in the process of identifying and resolving potential sources of performance issues.

If you identify new causes of FPS drops, please do the following;

  • Provide a description;
    • e.g. is it a light source? an enemy’s on-death effect
    • where is this happening? is it the entire zone, or localized (if so, where) ?
  • Add some system information as an attachment to your forum post.
  • Upload your graphics .ini file as an attachment to your forum post.
  • Consider including screenshots, which can be hosted on Imgur.

Thank you for your help!

Beta 0.7.2 Patch Notes
0.7.2 Lag and performance issues in side areas
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I’ve been noticing that in the side areas such as the Smelting Halls, Old Barracks, Pannions Library etc etc, there is A LOT of lag and performance issues. The game seems to run at roughly 5-10 FPS. But in the non-side areas I’m at 60+ FPS.


Before the patch I had consistent 60ish FPS everywhere. After, I had about 30ish FPS, effected heavily by foliage and fire effects. Then I fiddled with the master graphics setting, changing it to ultra (giving me 20 FPS) then to very low and framerates shot up to 45-50 FPS everywhere (no longer effected by foliage and fire), and stayed there even after I changed the settings back to what they were before the patch. FPS was consistent again, but still lower than before the patch. The master setting seemed to reset or fix something, which is odd as the reflections and ambient occlusion settings seem to be the only settings that have any impact on framerates (at least for me after playing with them all) and those two were set to very low the whole time. The new graphics in this patch look awesome, but something needs to be optimized as I was getting a good 15 FPS more than I am now.

Nym_DxDiag.txt (96.1 KB)

le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.4 KB)


In chapter 1, The Ulatri Cliffs in the imperial era. My fps is around 20 the entire time, as soon as I make it into the cave I jump up to around 60-70. Also just a note that in the other parts of the first chapter my fps is around 45, so those areas are also lower than what I get in chapter 2.
DxDiag.txt (71.2 KB)
Graphics.INI (580 Bytes)


Thank you for the reports!

I’m locking this thread as it no longer pertains to our most recent update.

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