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Specific DOT build question

Greetings all, first just want to say I’m loving the game so far. Coming from POE its fresh and fits perfectly with my casual play style. I have specific question about DOT builds I’m looking for a spell caster that uses DOTs but not fire or melee, pets or totems.

The only thing I see that’s a possibility would be hungering souls, would that be correct and if so what damage types would I use to scale the damage?

You could go Tornado/Maelstrom Shaman. It’s a cold/physical diablo 2 wind druid playstyle, not Acolyte but still a fun Kiting DoT class.

Until Plague Bearer’s staff receives a nerf, you could go for a Void Knight Dot Build!

Hey Surek,
Welcome to the forum.

You could do a Lich build as you already have mentioned Hungering Souls.

Imho the problem with hungering Souls is that only 1 soul can be applied to an enemy. They don’t stack. I see it more than a support skill than you main damage source.

Poison is propably the way you wanna go. Wandering spirits can dish out a lot of damage as well as drain life. I have a lot if fun with a low life lich build based on this guide:

And it looks like multiple hungering souls can’t hit the same target despite what the graphic shows (that many of them pass through a single target), it looks like only 1 would hit & then possess the target.

That is exatly what I mean :laughing:.

It’s okay against multiple targets but hitting single target with 5 souls doesn’t give an advantage because only 1 soul would do damage while the others just swarm around.

But it’s a nice addition in a minion build.

I’m ok with only one soul “possessing” a target, but I think that each soul that passes through should do hit damage (and therefore apply ailments/etc).

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Hungering Souls (Global DoT damage increase) + Transplant (Multiple Explosions on Arrival + %Healing on Pools of Blood w/Bone Armor) + Life Drain (Dark Shackles to cast + 100% damage increase but costs life) + Aura of Decay (Mark of Death and Soul Feast on hit) + Wandering Souls (Lots of Poison to synergize with other poison affects from other skills)

Of course you will need to generate lots of ward, 100% glancing blow, crit avoidance, stun avoidance, health leech and protectons/armor.

You can than pump all your DPS into Spell Damage increase and DoT increase. You won’t need any crit at all to deal loads of damage. Since you only need two types of offensive affixes, pumping up defense should be easy. You don’t really want to build any health either and spam health pots for the protections boost from lich passive tree. Lots of intelligence and health regen to counter the poison stacks on yourself. I’m still trying to improve my gear right now but it’s been a lot of fun to play.

Edit: Replaced Aura of Decay with Reaper form for some durability. Enough DPS and sustain to keep the form up for a while.

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