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Some new skill art coming in a future update


Greetings Travelers!

Yesterday we released the biggest patch in Last Epoch’s history. And what does that mean? Yup, you guessed it - we’re working on the next patch! No rest for the wicked, as they say.

Today we’d like to showcase some of the skill art we’ve made recently. Our work focused on art for newly added skills (e.g. Summon Primal Sabertooth), but we’ve also touched up some existing skill art (e.g. Summon Wolf) to maintain consistency with new art.

An example of this is the outline around the sabertooth’s head, which has been added to the skill art for Summon Wolf and Summon Bear. We’d love to know what you think!

More upcoming skill art for the Sentinel & Forgeguard
More upcoming skill art for the Sentinel & Forgeguard

I think these are super impressive - great work!


They’re so big and shiny :wolf:

Looks great!


Love em!!!


That wolf looks kick ass.


Awesome! Keep up your incredible work.!!!


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