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Some bug reports again ^^

  1. Wands still not give Spell damage +
  2. Sorc skill tree Mark of Brillance + Promise of Power not working
  3. Arcance Obliteration (sorc) skill tree even not working / counting self 10/10 no differnt on dmg crit by any kind of spells
  4. Left down screen (chat window) totaly bugged most time not posible to cast anything in this region of the window same for pickup nothing working (in the area of the chat window) pls make a option to disable it complete ! cause it killing me some times in arena cause i cant cast (teleport) in the south west region of the window thats not cool :frowning:
  5. Crafting it self since the Update if you push to fast “shatter” runes your item get bugged into the Crafting window
  6. Sparks killing hard the Fps same for (frost wyrm´s soul prisons , poison spiders) if they start casting (+ Frostwyrm sounds of cast / explosions) same for Soul Prisions <- hears like gatling gun but like broken as hell :stuck_out_tongue:
  7. if you level up from lvl 1 to lvl 2 no passive points some times if you level up then you get again no passive point !
  8. Quest bug Erza´s Ledger (failed) nearly by all people you got 2 options (gambler not inside till now or goodbye if you push goodbye your quest failed if you push not insert now (top option) then you get the 1passive point but will be good to change this that you do not missclick or a option for “failed” quests to re do it.
  9. Borderless window mode (2 screens or more) some times your game bugs if you switch to sec screen discord writing and your char keep spaming all spells & more reason that i teleport myself out of the 150 wave with homeportal
  10. you can make homeportal in the end of time to end of time (make no sense)
  11. scaling of spell dmg + crit on spells (mage tree) should be reworked or checked cause lot of is broken
  12. Arena some times like wave 100 it comes after you killed the last wave 101 …
    same that if you are on like 28 then it comes 2 waves together and game start scream of fps death
    that whas it for now maybe more soon
    cheers & enjoy your Pucky

Just double checking, you know that there are two different people you can hand the ledger to, right? Giving it to one completes the quest for that person and fails it for the other.
If you’re referring to something different, you may want to include a screenshot because it’s a little unclear.

…i saw it … ~_~thanks but why ? xD make no sense both gives 1 passive point why the choose option a or b npc ?

The options vary slightly - the gambler gives a smaller xp reward but larger gold reward compared to Erza

ah ok ^^ sry im fighting arena … but its horrible today … 5-15 fps … nearly perm >.< pls fix Spark they killing the fps brutal

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