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Solved - User Error

Golem :: 4 Points in Bone Hail + 1 Point in Betrayal ~= 105% chance to cast Bone Nova if hit by ally.
Transplant :: Dance of Blood nodes allow Transplant to cast Rip Bloods
Rip Blood :: Marrow Drinker node allows Rip Blood to target minions instead.

When I self cast Rip Blood on my golem it always casts bone nova. When i cast transplant, bone nova doesn’t proc.

[Dance of Blood] : “You automatically cast Rip Blood at enemies nearby where you depart.”

I am still new to this game, apologies.

Is it suppose to be that it will cast at enemies but will target the minions nearby if near the enemies it is cast at? I could have simply overlooked this now.

You have a node in Rip Blood that makes it so rip blood can’t be cast on enemies, but you can target minions.
You have a node in Transplant that automatically targets enemies with Rip Blood, which it can no longer do. So, I imagine it just doesn’t cast, unless Transplant is overriding the removed enemy target and targeting enemies anyways. But it’s still going to target enemies regardless because of how the node functions. It does not target allies.

Wording is important in ARPGS. Sometimes stuff seems like a cool idea until you find out they aren’t compatible.

I tested it further: Using transplant casts towards enemies then in turn onto the minion if both are close to each other. Also works with the Rip Bloods passive which you gain Ward upon rip blood. I seemed to overlook Dance of Blood. I played a lot of Grim Dawn and PoE, wording is very specific in these games, and overlooking one tiny detail like this will change its functionality. Thank-you for the help.

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