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So, this game must not be purchased via steam?

Hello i bought the game on steam. That means i will no get any cosmetic point from supporter pack ? Bough it 30 €. If not, it seems pretty unfair :frowning:

I found this info in a discussion on another forum.

“Purchasing Last Epoch on Steam will grant you the $35 Ardent Gladiator pack, however we cannot currently confirm other packs will be immediately available through Steam.”

I read somewhere that the pet and cosmetics are not active yet in Beta. So i think we will get them at game launch.

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super cool i hope so cause the price on steam is the same than the pack !

I don’t want to be that guy, but why don’t you read properly the Storepage of Steam before you buy into something? It is clearly stated(plus even a picture) what you get:

Buying Last Epoch through Steam gets you the Ancient Gladiator Supporter Pack:

  • Access to Last Epoch Beta and Full Release (Beta will be live until full release)

  • Juvenille Skullen cosmetic companion to follow you around through the world of Eterra

  • Ardent Gladiator forum badge showing your early support

  • 350 Cosmetic Coins to purchase in-game cosmetic items at release

  • Full digital soundtrack at release


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that guy, you meaned the one of the word with A at beginning and hole at then end? Yes you was a little but answered me so not so much thanks btw :slight_smile: . And for answer to your question: i get this game fro ma gift from a friend;, i made a gift of same amount to him. That s why i had no idea what he bought. There s nowhere write in my Steam HUB i have this pack. And nowhere where i can upgrade it if i like the game…have a good day btw

and in addition : what you show is english page, in french we don t have this picture i think (not sure, i have already the game in library)

I’m from Austria which means my Language-Setting is “German” it still showed me the English Store-Page. I even checked “French” and even there it was English-Store-Page as well.
You simply needed to expand:

And the “Reason” why i’m kinda “A-Hole’ish” is due your own attitude and how you already complain about something, whitout knowing it for sure, meanwhile you have the Answer of your Question right at your Hand. Even if you own the Game already and it was gifted to you, you could’ve checked out the Store-Page properly.

And the Reason why it gets to me is due this are the reason why some Games are “unfairly” “threated” because we have consumer who buy blindly into Games without informing themself about Games, and than complain afterwards because it’s not their cup of tea. It’s also the reason why we’ve so many complainers about Early Access, due People straight buy into stuff and don’t read the big green box of Early Access and to become to understand that Early Access is a “Work-in-Progress” and not a headstart for Games.

I’m sorry if the way i wrote was kinda harsh, the same with that text. And in general it’s never dump to ask Questions, you rather stay dumb if you don’t, but in some cases like this i feel like how much pre-frustration about this whole topic you would’ve saved for yourself, if you would’ve simply checked out the Steam Storepage.

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Dude, i m sorry but the only guy who seems “frustrated” about checking thing i couldn t do due to a gift is only you. The other guy was pretty nice. I dc about your early access delirium, just wanted an answer about this thing i don t see in my inventory. Go take a breath if you re so angry. Beeing cool with new players is more participating to a sucess of a game than acting like you do, if it bother you so much.

Closing thread due to hosility.

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