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Smite Descend Cancels Rebuke Early + Axe Throw bug

I’m not sure if this is actually a bug, but it has proven to be a thorn in my build.
So far every displacement ability I’ve seen does not interrupt enemy castings, so the fact that this position swap effect is cancelling my only defense skill early feels wrong to me.

I have 2 idols that give me a chance to trigger Smite on hit with throwing attacks. (total of 14% chance)
I have 2 points in Sentinel class’ Axe Thrower node (16% chance to throw an axe on hit) as well as the Riverbend Grasp unique gloves that have a 15% chance to throw an axe (separate CD).
(Separate bug related to the axe throws, they are supposed to be thrown at the “nearest enemy” but they don’t, they throw in a straight line in the direction the player is facing. It’s sending many axes into the void instead of at enemies.)
I’ve got axes flying out roughly every 0.5 seconds, cleaving through enemies and triggering smite.
My problem comes when using Rebuke to absorb incoming damage/heal/regen mana, the self displacement from Descend instantly cancels Rebuke. It actually interrupts anything I’m doing.
I had to take the point out of Decend after dying to a group of enemies I couldn’t get any distance from because of repeated smite Descending just dragging me right back into them with no way of defending myself via Rebuke.

I think that would be correct, if you have smite specialised then any other effect that casts smite would use your smite. So if you have Descend, you’d be teleporting round the map whenever a smite is cast from the idols proc chance. So I don’t believe it would be a bug, but it is an inconvenient combination if you have Descend on your smite.

You’ve misunderstood. I KNOW it’s using my smite. What I’m talking about is my auto-casted-on-hit-smite causing my rebuke channel to break when Descend is allocated.

Which is also what should happen if you manually casted smite with Descend. I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” happening, it’s just a bad combination. The only thing I can think of that the devs might want to change is whether the game ignores certain skill mods (like descend) if your character is already doing something (like channelling rebuke) when an auto-cast procs, but that would require them to go through every possible combination (or give us a list of affixes on idols or skills that can proc other skills so that someone can go through the other skills & see if there would be any strange occurences like your smite with descend being procced by an idol).

And that is an utterly aweful sentence…

It’s a completely different circumstance from manually casting smite. If you’re manually casting smite then you’re not casting anything else at the same time. The on-hit smite is instant cast (like manifest weapon), it doesn’t interrupt anything even if you’re channeling another skill like rebuke or warpath. It’s the movement from Descend that’s interrupting things, not the smite cast itself. The issue that i’m taking with it is that a simple instant coordinate change shouldn’t be interrupting anything, as effects that move enemies (pulls/knockbacks) don’t interrupt any enemy skills either.

I mean, imagine running a build that uses the Sorcerer’s Disintegrate channeled beam that uses the Tendrils node in its specialization and casts Lightning Blast while channeling… but disintegrate got interrupted every time lightning blast cast.

If a dev/mod could confirm whether or not Descend from the Smite specialization is intended to self “stun” on teleport, I’d appreciate it. I want to stop thinking about it lol.

Which is why I think they may not have reviewed every node of smite for “inconsistencies” with smite being auto-cast while doing something else.

Which is what I meant (if not what I said). It’s the movement from Descend plus Rebuke having a cooldown.

IMO, an effect that moves the player should interrupt anything that the player is doing because it’s moving you.

But Lightning Blast doesn’t move the player.

I’ve tested this internally, and found that when Descend (Smite) is proc’d, the player is not moved at all if they are stationary. If the player is moving when Descend is proc’d, they are moved slightly, I believe to the location Smite was cast from (it takes time to hit). Rebuke is indeed cancelled.

I don’t know if there is a reasonable way for us to clean up this interaction. Personally I would just not have Descend do anything in this scenario if possible. I’ve made a note of this internally.


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