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Smite ailment bug still not fixed

seems like smite still doesnt apply ailments except for those that youve picked on the skill tree.

I used the conversion to lightning node to get a lightning tag, then equipped unique boots fro 150% shock chance. tested on mobs and dummy neither procs neither direct casts of smite DO NOT apply shock. I havent tested with ignite but i suspect same thing happening.

I also have a question does this conversion node supposed to converse all shock chance(from items too) or only from skill tree?

Yup, it’s not proccing Future Strike either.

Update, found another issue, it applies bleed when i have 0 bleed passives and no gear. here is a vid:

Really? I’ve got ~500% ignite chance and Smite isn’t applying the correct amount of ignite stacks. I’ve only taken 100% ignite chance on Smite’s tree & I think that’s probably all it’s applying.

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