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Small change that would help primalist survivability

Running a pet build requires sacrifice on your own character mostly being defensel, that beimg said as a support character for your minions usually always running from damage its deadly to stand in 1 spot. Adding a node on entangling roots that allows instant cast would help also should be able to instant cast totems as well

Just for example imagine playimg warpath and not beimg able to instant cast sigil or ring of shieilds or abysmal echoes. Survivability while channeling wouod be oess simce u habe to stop

I play without instant sigil cast to keep my 100% block chance and it’s no problem at all. Everything dies so fast i don’t need to recast sigil while I fight. For my taste there are far to much instant skills ingame or skills that can be made instant that are FAR to potent to allow them to be an instant cast but that’s only my point of view ^^.

Well if you dont even need the skill of course it wouldnt matyer if you can instant cast it not. Some builds dont habe that luxury though and maybe a better example wpuld be for mage using flame ward. What if that wasmt an instant cast and made you stop?

Flame ward is a typical “O shit” button in my eyes and it’s totaly fine for me to have it as a n instant cast. Shape changes for example of Lich and Bear or Spriggan are something I dislike to be instant because it ruins a lot of immersion for me. Instant casts are nice and feel pretty good but there are a ton of such spells ingame and I asked myself many times why they not change every skill to be an instant because it feels strange. Sigils or Maelstrom for example are good examples of skills that should not be able to be instant casts in my eyes. Is it great to make them instant? Yes for sure it’s glorious! Is making things far to easy and braindead? Hell yeah ^^.
When I look at it just from a balancing or gameplay perspective I could’nt care less but after all I like “O shit” buttons that are instant or have an instant option but I dislike steroid and dmg skills to be maintainable without using 2 braincells. Look at Sentinel and why it can be that oppressive and strong. Instant sigils, instant ring of shields who is able to even scratch that class if it isnt outscaled by a quatermile? I’d rather have meaningfull passive skills and auras that reduce mana reg for example then always ready to use active skills I can maintain without a sweat. I hope this makes sence :D.

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