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Skill trees and mana management

Currently in most skill trees i see the same pattern developers follow:
Get node with some good ability, skyrocket its mana cost and then enforce player to invest remaining skill points into mana efficiency nodes (can be up to 10 points in some skills).
This seems to me a bad design choice or at least must be nerfed the way less points required to be invested into mana management.
Let skill points more effect what skill can do.

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I am curious what skill was the final straw that lead you to make this post? I am genuinely curious.

While saying “most” skills follow this pattern, its almost impossible as about 40% of skills in game are 0 Mana cost.

But that aside the reason i ask is some skills yes are on purpose, cost a lot of mana to get alot more effect or damage out of the skill.

E.x. Abyssal Echoes, get the skill to recast mana times for a increased mana cost but less that it would be to cast the skill 2x yourslef

E.x. ShatterStrike, Recast up to 2 addition times for increased mana cost but still less than it would cost to cast 3x yourself.

E.x. Fireball. Increase mana cost for more projectiles. Self explanatory.

Skill that double or triple in potential damage should come with a higher mana cost… Of course there are other ways to build the tree that dont increase the mana cost.

I do agree on the note completely that i wish mana efficieny was offered in more places like IDOLS, More slots on gear, and Avalable in passive tree so it didnt take away from your 20 most important points… The actual skill. It does feel bad having to use points just to tame the mana but its stratedgy/risk/reward

Abyssal Echoes is extreme example of it.
It has 3 nodes with overall 19 points investment into mana management.
Actually skills that cost no mana follow same pattern but with other modifiers (area, damage etc,)
I want to make shift so skill nodes will have more interesting abilities , reducing the number of points you need to invest in such management.

P.S. Also mana efficiency affix on amulet is too weak and almost not relevant because its additive with skill mana efficiency nodes.

I cant say for sure but alot of those skills are likely to see changes.

Abyssal echoes 99% sure

Whem those skills were designed mana regen was in a different spot. Look at the new meteor skill it actually primotes fireball giving mana back instead of costing. I expect more of this type of changes