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Skill Specialization Respeccing

So I love the way the passive tree and specialization trees work a lot, I just feel that while you’re leveling you’re punished really hard for trying out builds. You may want to try out this node that does something, but you find yourself saying “if it breaks my build, i have to relevel this tree from level 1” and usually don’t pick it up. Or you do pick it up, break your build, and then find yourself struggling to continue because you have to start your tree from level 1 again.

I think a good fix for this is to allow us to lose a spec point, but also one level on the tree. It would allow more flexible options while leveling. I understand in the monolith and arena it’s easy to level your trees, but why do I have to get punished so hard early game for exploring options? I would love to see this implemented and feel it would be a great addition to the spec tree as it currently stands.

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Thanks for the feedback.

It will be possible to change individual skill tree nodes in the future.

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