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Skeleton Mage Splintered Dominion

The skill says on 4/4 that the Skeleton MAges have +100% chance to fire additional projectiles.

As I understand that, it should mean that at 4/4 every cast of the skeleton mage should fire more projectiles.
But my archmage, who can shoot 5 projectiles sometimes only cast a single fireball.
it is very randomly and not, as far as i can tell, triggered by anything.
my necro is at lvl30 and i only have some ordinary equipment for increasing minon dmg, minion health and int…

did some additional testing on this “bug”.

seems the summoned mage isn’t uptedetd with the new node.
so a mage, summoned with a 4/4, will still have 100% chance even if i respec 1-3 points in that skill.
other way around it works the same. a mage summond with a less then 100% chance will still shoot one projectile even if the node is already at 4/4

Summoned minions not taking the effects of skill nodes immediately is a known issue, though we can’t say when it will change just yet. Thanks for the report,

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