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Shield Throw Rework

In Patch 0.7.2 we are reworking Shield Throw and giving it a specialization tree!

While we enjoy the current implementation of Shield Throw, we would like to use the skill as an opportunity to introduce another mechanical niche into the game.


Along with other changes, Shield Throw is also receiving a new visual effect.

Shield Throw’s current functionality consists of aiming a projectile in a straight line, and fragments piercing nearby enemies each time the shield hits an enemy.

In Patch 0.7.2 we will be replacing this with the following;

  • Shield Throw’s projectile now homes towards the target.
  • The shield also hits enemies between it and the enemy it is homing to.
  • After reaching its target the shield will ricochet to 2 additional enemies.
  • The shield will then travel back to you.
  • A 2 second cooldown begins when it has returned to you.


The new Shield Throw is dead exciting!


We also providing a preview of the upcoming Shield Throw specialization tree as it currently is internally. Please note that changes may be made before we release Patch 0.7.2.

Want more? We’re sending it your way!

Node names and maximum number of points are in bold. The further indented a particular node it is, the deeper into a branch that node is located.


  • Polished Steel - 5
    Minus 4 mana cost per allocated point.

    • Focused Campaign - 1
      Halves the number of targets Shield Throw ricochets to (rounded down). Cooldown is instantly refreshed when the shield returns to you.

      • Shield Barrage - 1
        Removes cooldown entirely. 30% reduced projectile damage & size. -5 Mana Cost.


  • Armoring Aegis - 5
    Grants 40 armor on ricochet for 4 seconds per allocated point.

    • Colossus - 4
      25% increased armor per allocated point while Shield Throw is on cooldown.

      • Vampiric Shield - 4
        5 health per allocated point regained on ricochet.
    • Iron Monger - 5
      Steals 10 armor on hit for 4 seconds per allocated point.

      • Hermin’s Technique - 2
        Richochets to up to 1 additional target per allocated point.
  • Heavy Shield - 5
    +3 base physical damage per allocated point.

    • Sharpened Rim - 2
      +2% critical strike chance per allocated point.

      • Avenger’s Wrath - 1
        Adds critical strike multiplier equal to 10% of your block protection and block armor.
    • Spiked Plates - 1
      Damage increased by 50% of your block chance.

      • Rygar’s Fury - 1
        Damage increased by 100% of your block chance. You cannot block while the shield is out.
    • Crippling Throw - 4
      25% increased stun chance per allocated point. 25% chance to slow enemies on hit per allocated point.

      • Throwing Arm - 4
        25% increased throwing attack damage per allocated point if you have used Shield Throw recently.
    • Fleet of Foot - 4
      You gain Haste for 0.5 seconds per allocated point when you use Shield Throw.

  • Ricochet - 2
    Ricochets to up to 1 additional target per allocated point. 4% increased attack speed per allocated point. +4 Mana cost per allocated point.

    • Aegis - 5
      Shield Throw can target and ricochet to allies. Allies hit by the shield are granted 100 armor per allocated point for 4 seconds. This does not stack.

      • Manifest Inspiration - 1
        If a Manifested Armor is hit by the shield, it will perform a whirlwind melee attack. This attack scales with its stats rather than yours.
    • Faithguard - 1
      Aegis grants elemental and poison protection as well as armor.

      • Testament of Light - 1
        Armor and protection granted by Aegis is increased by 6% of your attunement per allocated point.


  • Forgeborn - 4
    15% increased projectile speed per allocated point. +2 base fire damage per allocated point.

    • Molten Shield - 1
      All base damage is converted to fire damage. All increased stun chance is converted to increased ignite chance.

      • Eruption - 1
        Cast Lava Burst on ricochet at the impact point.
        (Lava Burst’s damage scales with Attunement and Increases to Fire Damage and Spell Damage.)

        • Forceful Breaking - 2
          30% increased Lava Burst explosion area per allocated point.

        • Magma Rage - 5
          Lava Burst deals 30% increased damage per allocated point.

      • Molten Toss - 3
        Shield Throw deals 25% increased fire damage per allocated point.

        • Burning Crusade - 4
          Shield Throw and Lava Burst have +25% ignite chance per allocated point.

This skill might just be one of my favourites!


Oh my goodness this sounds interesting! So many new mechanics :open_mouth:

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This is one I’ve been waiting for!!

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Loving the synergies this is going to have with Forge Guard!

Would you also do other missing class skill tree ? I would be pleased if so :yum:

This seems really interesting and fun !
Small balance concerns beforehand :

    • Avenger’s Wrath - 1
      Adds critical strike multiplier equal to 10% of your block protection and block armor.

The amount of crit multi it gives sounds outright too much^^’ Its not too hard as a sentinel to get 1000ish of both block protection and armor with endgame shields (or even quite more), which would amount to +200% crit multi for a defensive character. How about 5%? I’m sure it would still be crazy good ! (And lets not forget that the paladin tree gives holy aura for base crit too, and then has a passive with +++%crit for throwing attacks, with all those +base and +%increased crit combined plus CONSIDERABLE crit multi here, this might spiral to out of control damage)

  • Spiked Plates - 1

Damage increased by 50% of your block chance.

  • Rygar’s Fury - 1
    Damage increased by 100% of your block chance. You cannot block while the shield is out.

Really interesting ! However the downside is nil for the first point, and huge for the second (investing into block chance% and losing all this investment while attacking), so huge, so how about making either the damage bonus bigger, or reducing the penalty (something like half block protection/armor while shield is out, or even half chance to block, etc)

I was waiting for this! :smiley_cat:

Soo… No Captain America references?

I would love it if it works a bit like sivir in LoL. Like one massive shield that pierces through enemys and comes back with big dmg or a riccochet setup if you want to use it for hord clearing. I would love to see a meaningfull node with mana cost increase and dmg increase to use it as a nuke skill as well because with hammer throw already ingame there should be something different instead of another dps layer there at least in my eyes.

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I disagree on the downside being huge for Rygar’s Fury.

Shield throw would essentially be used as your ranged skill and you’d have a different ability as your melee skill, is all. Which is a fine trade-off.

Really loved how the shield throw worked in Grim Dawn, and this seems to be quite similar. Looking forward to spamming the Shield Barrage especially

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