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Shield Throw & reduced ricochets from Focussed Campaign node

So the Shield Throw skill gives 2 ricochets by default (3 hits, 1 main hit + 2 ricochets), but with the Focussed Campaign node the ricochets should be halved (2 hits, 1 main + 1 ricochet). Then with 2 points in the Ricochet node (+2 ricochets) you should be back up to a total of 2 ricochets (3 hits, 1 main hit + 2 ricochets), but I’m seeing 4-5 hits, which is certainly wrong. Either Focussed Campaign isn’t working at all or it’s only reducing the number of ricochets that you get from the base attack.

It’s easiest to see on crates (as they don’t move & usually come in stacks of 5).

I’ve tested this internally with stationary targets and it seems to be working as intended for me. Shield Throw will hit enemies and destructables between targets, so it’s possible to get more hits than 1 + (# of ricochets).

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