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Shield Crafter (forge guard)

The node shield crafter at the 35 point? line or there abouts in forge guard needs to be lowered below the 25 point line to make accessible for all classes. RoS is way more viable option at endgame when it can 1)be proc’d when hit just like ice thorns for all primalist classes and 2) gives the shields more life so they can actually survive much higher waves. Doing this would help the survivability of both the Pala and VK as right now the FG is by far more defensive when it should be the paladin that is.

wtf you want literally a class defining node that separates FG from other sentinels be available for any class?

OK how about making holy aura available for any class? I strongly disagree with this suggestion.

VK and paladin have enough mechanics to survive, you have lunge, vengeance and rebuke. Paladin also has Judgment which is busted. And both VK and Paladin have already access to potion node which is even stronger than shield crafter, and now you want to make not 1 but 2 strongest FG nodes available for any sentinel.


FG node that defines it shouldnt** be a way to auto cast a skill that all classes get. If all classes get the skill why should it only be OP to 1 of them.
All 3 primalist classes get ice thorns on primalist. would it be fair to make it so only the werebear can have it proc when hit?

I may be agree to this if the potion node will be moved to the top tree,

But thematically Shield crafter is a FG defining passive imo. So i will leave it for devs to decide. On the other hand, If you move shield crafter to the bottom, it will definitely make FG bottom part way better!


I’d rather go the opposite way and move RoS skill unlock itself into the higher section of the FG passive tree so it is not availible for every Paladin or VK build. I also see this skill as an exclusive FG skill.

Perhaps with the forge strike as the FG exclusive skill buffed I’d be able to adapt to the idea to share RoS with the other masteries. But right now RoS with the Shield Crafter node is what defines the FG for me.

If VK or Paladin are to squishy at lategame there should be other ways to increase their survivability than giving them access to Shield Crafter.

And on top of all this balancing discussions I don’t see the reason why all classes or sub classes have to be balanced to be on the same survivability level above all when the only measurement method is how many waves they can survive in arena mode. I’d choose FG because he is the tank regarding his mastery passives. So I’d expect him to be the most tanky of all 3 masteries. VK would be the damage dealer and Pala the support.

Their is already so few difference between each sentinel master class choice, doing so would simply blend them even further.

I agree with the general disagreement…

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