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Shield charge bug

If you take the no cd version+mana refund and start spamming it on arena you will eventually run out of mana, even in theory you shouldnt. From more testing I think it’s one of 2 possibilities, or maybe both

  1. when you cast shield charge and go into out of mana zone the refund is quite random.
  2. You can actually spam the shield charge faster than refund applies, making you eventually run out of mana(hard but possible)
  3. When you hit some enemies or textures you dont get a mana refund.

Suggestion: can we make that refund node instead into a 0 mana cost and 15% hp cost and no refund mechanic? would be so much easier with desired effect.

This is a known bug, but we haven’t gotten a fix for it yet. Thanks for the report!

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