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Shards reset to 1 when using filter

I have noticed a bug where the quantity of a shard is reset to 1. It seems to happen when using the affix filter and the recovered shard(s) are excluded by the filter.
Through testing I can now reproduce the bug.

  1. Find/buy an item with a single affix for which you have N shards (N>=1) of that affix in the crafting window.
  2. Type anything in the filter which excludes the shard from the list.
  3. Shatter the item, recovering the shard.
  4. The shard will be added to the top of the list with a quantity of 1 (expected N+1).

A workaround it to always clear the filter before shattering an item.

Thank you very much for putting in the time to find the cause of this bug and write it up! I’ve confirmed it on my end and made a note of it so we can fix it.

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