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Sentinel - Rebuke does not seem to be gaining damage after the player takes a hit

So I was trying to run a counterattack styled Sentinel and of course went for Rebuke. I noticed that it was dealing a pitiful amount of damage even if I took upwards of 10 hits from enemies during the duration.

I ended up just quick-using the skill and doing a full channel against some void worms. Both times, the worms lived with about 1/8 of their health. If a quick-use did 7/8, then surely after taking a couple hits, it should kill given the 20% more multiplier.

As such, I am under the impression that the built-in damage buff for the skill is not working properly

I confirm the same observation.

In Time line 35 with enemy buff : enrage at half life ( 4 times stack ) i was full channeling in a pack of 3 grizzlys and 3 sabres ( half life ) so i was taking a lot of damages very quickly
and…the result is very low damages return.

For the moment i use it for defensive buff stacking the buffs with the nodes protective legacy and solemn vow (increase the buff duration after the channeling)

i’m trying to make a tanking retribution build with counter attack in sentinel tree and with divine bolt paladin tree, so rebuke can be nice also.

I’m asking confirmation if other players have seen this bug with rebuke.
thanks !

Thanks for the report, we’ll take a pass at the skill’s damage and damage modifiers.

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