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Sentinel/Forge Knight Build using Volcanus?

Hey there, pretty new player here. I’d like to start my 2nd Char and since I got a Volcanus drop yesterday, and I really like that weapon, I’d like to build a character around it.

Do you have any tips on what skills to focus on or is that weapon not viable at all?

I will try and get a build video up in the next 24 hours on this! Im sure it can be made viable

Any preference on character?

Oh wow cool.
Paladin or Forge Guard probably.

The Paladin got the Fire Specs that fit this weapon and I kinda like the idea of the rightious warrior wielding this ancient weapon to burn away evil.

Rogue. If you can do that I’ll… eat some more biscuits…

Well the best wpuld be spellblade but I can do pala there tanky atm

I’ve tried using it but at the end of the day a crafted weapon will be better.

I’m hoping Volcanus will have a good synergy with Molten Blade when it eventually gets a spec tree.

It might be more useful if the shards affix were on melee or throwing attack hit.

Maybe it would be most useful with Warpath (due to the doubled attack speed) or Rive.

I liked it more as spellblade than paladin…