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Screenshots of the User Interface in Patch 0.7.7

Patch 0.7.7 includes an updated action bar.


In Patch 0.7.7 it is possible to filter characters by base class or by type (e.g. Hardcore).

Note: Please do not look too much into the classes shown here; we will not be releasing new classes until they have a full set of passives and a substantial number of specialization trees.


We’re updating our menu so that related entries are now grouped together. Additionally, the menu now shows the keybind for each entry so that it is easier to learn their keybinds.


As we previously teased, it will be possible to alter the zoom and opacity of the map.


We’re also implementing new volume sliders due to the additional sounds coming in 0.7.7.


Looking good

oh hmm. I hope we can also do that directly in game outside of the UI menu.

The minimap will contain zoom controls.

For the overlay map, you’ll need to venture into the game’s settings.

Warlock. Warlock
Also choose a damn mastery for that sentinel already lol

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Fantastic changes/additions. Great to see polish going live at the same time as adding amazing new content!

oh by the way…


Nice nice

Does the profanity filter stop people from saying dumbshit?

You ask about the impossible…

I have a running list of feedback/suggestions I’ll post soon. A profanity filter is something I didn’t even consider, but will honestly always have enabled. Thank you and cheers!

Looks good! Also, I wonder who the faceless and bound entity is? Maybe The Observer?

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In what patch planned add possibility change LMB from move to any skill? (or maybe switch to RMB)

For me it will be the opposite. Whenever somebody decides to insult people in the chat I wanna know what exactly he is writing :upside_down_face:. Blocking players completely will do it for me.

The new UI looks good.

Is it just me or is somebody else also hearing voices in the background demanding “Warlock! Warlock! Warlock! Warlock!”?

Awesome, is it possible to keybind the zoom in/out so you don’t have to go into the menu to do that? Since some of the maps in LE are fairly large it would be nice to be able to zoom the overlay map in/out “in-game”.

Is it just me or does it look like the master volume goes up to 11? I approve!

Oh & ****yeah(!) on the profanity filter. We will now be able to say production.
If we ever wanted to.
For some reason.

Looking good.

As far as I know this isn’t planned. You can always swap the keybinds around but the slot itself won’t be adjustable.

Its looking really good! I am curious, will this also improve the social tab in game, so it works, or is these changes strictly how it looks in-game :slight_smile:?

You can already do, you simply need to set your custom keybinds.

Don’t mind the A, it’s my “forced move” button, but you simply need to switch the left-button to “move and attack” (click on the left-click skill which allows you to change to move and attack) which use the skill on the right button-slot, and change the controls from Q to Right Mouseclick, W to Q, E to W. and R to E.

That’s it, now you’re set up to classic controls (i guess if you want to be more classic you also can assign the QWE to 1-3 or 2-4 Numbers if you prefer it that way), have a left-click attack / skill, a rightclick Skill, and three Skills bound on QWE.

#Topic: Amazing, i love the new UI Changes! Fits more the overall Game.
/edit: I really love the Details of the transition of the Action Bar which looks (to me) like from the left side it represents the divine era (?) to right side the ruined era(?).

It looks like Eterra on the left and potentially Orobyss on the right so maybe even Ancient Era to Ruined Era.


Looks fantastic!