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Scorpion Size

Playing with the scorpion noticed a few thing.
1)When eterras blessing is used on scorpion adds 200% size but only deducts 20% at end of 4 seconds leaving you with a permanent giant scorpion (resets in new zones)
2)Not sure if this ones intended, but you cant revive the baby scorpions, only the mother can when shes inside the circle
3)eterras blessing does not work on the baby scorpions. Also maybe not intended to work on them, not sure.

Thanks for the post!

The size issue only happens when you take increased size nodes on the skill tree, we’ll look into it.

Baby Scorpions count as minions, not companions, so they can’t be revived. They also technically count as minions of your Scorpion which means they don’t get the damage/size buff from Eterra’s Blessing, but I’ll see if this is possible to change.

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It’s not that I want to disagree with you Hackaloken on the baby scorp’s can’t be revived, but in my last monolith I was definitely reviving baby scorps…

In the above pic I only had my scorpion summoned & you can see that it is on (mostly) full HP, while there is a summoned minion/companion in a downed state awaiting revive which can only be a baby scorp.

And I think mummy is reviving it…

A baby scorp was downed in another monolith & it wasn’t being revived when I was standing in the circle, but it was when mummy scorp was in the circle. They are definitely not working as intended if they are intended to be killable minions (as against downable companions). Though IMO it’s a nice little twist that they can only be revived by their “mother”.

Oh. Well, that isn’t supposed to happen :smile: We’ll look into it.

Which is a pity as it’s kinda cool from a thematic point of view that the mother is reviving her babies. If you do decide to let that continue to happen, could you change the mother’s AI to send her to revive the babies once she/you are out of combat.

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