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Save character files location

Hello, I originally asked this question a few months ago when I upgraded from HDD to SSD to solve performance issues with this game, but I never followed through with it for fear of corrupting my new windows system if editing registry files as it was a change from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

This time I have bought a whole new PC box and I would like to be able to transfer my characters to my new PC as I have 5 level 90+ characters that I won’t want to level again. Could I get the location / information to copy over the save files to my new PC? I looked at my old thread and the answer directs to a link that is now broken. Thanks

This will happen automatically if you play through Steam with Steam Cloud enabled.

I do play through steam. I am checking now to see that I have steam cloud enabled.

Edit: Where do I verify that I have this enabled? I wanted to sort this out before I moved over to setting up and installing my new PC, alot of cables

Edit2: It says “Cloud saves” on the top right corner when looking at extra information, I assume that it is working then. Thanks

· Go to your Steam Library.
· Right-click on Last Epoch.
· Click on Properties.
· Switch to the Updates tab.

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