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Rune of Removal

Hello there travelers,

I have thrown away so many items because of the Rune of Removal and I think we should change its name to Rune of Dissappointment or be able to choose the affix we want to remove.

I would be glad and I bet many other players as well to have a little more control of which affix we want to remove to craft our items.

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Of course we wamt control lol but that would make it to easy

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I dont think that a change is necessary there.
It’s a bit of gambling to remove the affix u need to be removed to make it a good roll of affixes.
i like it and normally after 10-20 minutes an item with similar affixes drops and u can gamble again…

but how often do you use rune of refinement is the real question. I find that to be the most terrible thing in the game currently, its made for 0.0001% of people? *I have 200 of them, un used, or picked up since late 2018. it should atleast have a stability decrease built in ranging from 1 - 5 to make the rune more viable, and encourage people to use it more, instead of sitting on them till end game when you get better value out of everything else to use…

thats another thing. i guess the rune of refinement is more for min/maxing out higher tiers.
I expect the crafting system to grow during the general progress of game developement.
so that this rune maybe gets more importance.

Maybe as important, as being able to socket a powerful Gem to this rune of refinement that gives you a spell effect proc on hit that grants powerful bonuses to you, depending on your class, that can drop from group instanced party, dungeon drops, in 5 dungeons, for 5 classes, with 5 uberbosses based on class arch types to MAKE BUILDS REALLY REFINED and able to push higher waves, and monoliths, and other various end game content in the future

I use them quite often. even in the beginning of the game. if i find an item with 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 rolls i want i will always try and get rid of the 1 affix i dont want, 75% of the time it doesnt work, the other 25% of the time i get an adrenaline rush of surprise, of course then it fractures on the first enchant trying to put on a new affix that you actually want, but who wins the lottery 2x in a row?

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this imo

yeah that does sound pretty strategical, perhaps my idea is best suited for some other part of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

It can be very frustrating, when you find an item with very good affixed where only one is meh. And it’s even more frustrating if you try to remove it and rngsus decides to take one of the others away. The item goes from not perfect to unusable.

Perhaps we may get another glyph that increases the chance to remove the affix of choice by 50% and in return adds instability.

this is the reason we play such games. to hunt for items we can use :slight_smile:

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Ah, fuck! That’s true. :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:

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I don’t know why people mistake RNG tedium for “excitement” or “difficulty.” There’s so many trash base items with trash affixes out there that it takes a good chunk of time just to find a item that has even 1 T2 or T3 affix that you want to use. Even when you get an item that looks promising, you can easily have the item fractured after 1-2 crafts and have the item be useless anyway. Is this really what people refer to as fun?

+1 to being able to select affixes to remove. People want to test ideas and creating unique concepts, not play a lottery hoping for that small chance to even play the game in the first place. RNG tedium is not productive, it just creates unnecessary and useless time sinks.

I don’t understand what is so difficult for you to understand. Precisely because it is rare to find something you want that makes it exciting to obtain it. If you get what you want all the time there is nothing exciting about it.

I threw more items away that fractured arround 15% fracture chance then items I used a rune of removal on ^^.

Diving into a deep and complex skill and passive system = exciting.
Exploring unique combinations of skills, passives, and equipment that rewards creativity = exciting.
Beating difficult content that only well-designed builds can pass = exciting
Being completely dependent on gambling and Skinner box manipulation before I can even play the game at an enjoyable pace = not exciting

There is nothing rewarding or “exciting” about fake items that have no real-world value, no matter how many layers of RNG they are gated behind. RNG-gating is just a way to artificially bloat players’ hours so they don’t question shallow game design practices, as games with good design don’t have to resort to such cheap tactics to get people to continue playing. Just say no to Skinner boxes.

You’re looking for an action game. Not an ARPG as we know and enjoy it.

What is a skinner box, and why on earth are you relying on gambling feature to get loot? You get more loot doing monolith runs, if you feel you are to weak, or frustrated about certain mechanics of the game, ask someone, we are here to help you.

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