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Rogue skeleton teleport doesn't work

Hey EHG, nothing much to say, I have never seen a rogue skeleton teleporting on an ennemy so I guess the skill is broken. (Or I am super blind and my eyes are broken)

Hm, I’m seeing them teleport. Just to confirm, they’re the skeletons with hoods, and leave a black smoke trail when they teleport.

Could you post your skill tree if you’re still having issues?

yes it was the rogue skeletons, the one with shurikens and poison flasks ^^ I always see them running everywhere but no teleport… I will try to take a video next time I use them

Ok so I tested it on the dummy, my bad the animation is pretty hard to see when you have dozens of minions fighting monsters ^^
But I actually saw something else, not sure if it is linked to the dummy hit box but you can see that the skeleton teleports too close and then all its melee attacks miss.

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