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Rogue concept design part 3 (Bladedancer)


Main stats: Dexterity, Stength
Main weapons: Dual wielding one handed melee weapons.

Philosophy: The bladedancer moves through the battlefield and breakneck speed, beheading foes and artfully dodging attacks in the same breath, a dual with a bladedancer will end with them across the room and you with your head on the floor, not understanding how any of it happened.

Class passive trait: 35% base dodge while moving, increased attack speed while standing still.

Core Abilities:

Iron Waltz: Dash to a location, spinning your weapons around you as you go, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Exsanguinate: take a small leap backwards as you throw one of your weapons out in a wide arc, dealing damage and causing enemies to bleed. Has 2 charges, charges are refunded when your weapon returns to you.
Overpower: strike an enemy heavily with both weapons, if their hp (%) is higher, deal massive damage, if lower, deal less damage and stun them.

Run through: Charge wildly at an enemy, pushing them back and knocking other enemies aside as you go. Channeled ability.

(High tier/ Bladedancer only skills)

Berserker: (Toggle) enter a stance which allows you to ignore all enemy armor/ resistances, as the cost of taking 50% more damage yourself.

Dance of Death: Enter the ultimate fighter state, launching an attack on all enemies in an area at blinding speed, each enemy that dies from this skill explodes in a shower of blood, dealing additional damage and marking nearby enemies with assassins brand.

Passive nodes (aside from the generic ones)

Ambidexterity: Increased damage if weapons are of a different type.

March of a god: Skills deal increased damage if they weren’t the same as the last skill used.

Tempo: each different skill you use increases the damage of the next skill by 10%, this stacks up to 5 times, and all stacks are lost if you use the same skill twice in a row.

Momentum: Skills which cause you to move increase your dodge rating and damage for an amount of time.

Wrath of steel: Large increase to physical damage, but you can no longer deal elemental damage.

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Looks interesting. I would add maybe some armour shred into the kit (maybe assassins brand ?), maybe in the form of ability trees and one passive tree node. I have been personally looking if bladedancer cannot be the only dual wielding and you were faster, sir/madam. Also, maybe some sort of flicker strike (if you played POE) as a class mastery skill? And one skill for defense (as an example, Diablo 3 - Demon Hunter - Smoke screen). Would add that rogue/assassin feeling into the fray (also, the skill itself would be like that enemies cannot target you specifically, but they can target the area with AOEs so that you are not invulnerable).

TBH it’s a fairly bare bones concept, but the idea was that they would rely mostly on dodge and mobility for defense, since (you know) if you’re going to put dance in somethings name, i should expect that it moves around a lot.
as for armor shred, i’d personally have no issue with that, there could easily be talents in each of the suggested skill to go full armor shred route, since i didn’t really give any example of potential skill talents.

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